What is the process for Session 1 2021 exams?

The timeline for the preparation and submission of final exams for session 1 2021 has now been finalised. This applies to both on-campus and online examinations.

Exam preparation timeline (s1 2021)

The exams season in session 1 2021 will run in a very similar manner to that used in session 2 2020 i.e a mix of on-campus and online exams. Minor changes to the quality control processes for online exams are that the ‘technical checking’ phase will now be managed by exams office instead of by faculty L&T teams.

Further information:
Guidance notes document: Provides more details about each step in the timeline as well as preparation advice for online exams (and notes for those with students who cannot attend on-campus exams).
Online invigilation at Macquarie: Outlines the limited circumstances where this service is available (keeping in mind this service is still in a pilot phase for scaling up) and briefly outlines which approach is the best suited to a selection of exam designs.
Revised examples of online and zoom exams in the ‘iLearn for Convenors‘ unit are under development.

For assistance with examination processes and timelines please contact the MQ central Exams office (contract details are available within each document).