Faculty, department and program level reporting in iLearn insights

iLearn insights can now generate reports on faculty, department and at the program level. This report combines data from the individual unit and displays the following for a group of units:

  • Number of students that have not completed the Academic Integrity Module (AIM)
  • The number of students that have not logged into at least one of the units within the faculty, department or program.

This report also displays the following data for each unit :

  • Total enrollment for a unit
  • Number of students that have not completed the AIM
  • Number of students that have not logged in within the last 7 days
  • Number of students that have never accessed a unit

The following example is from a combination of 348 units and more than 5300 students enrolled in session 2, 2020.

This report can also be shared between staff relevant to faculty, department or program.

Group report

In iLearn Insights, this report is currently titled as ‘Group report’. This is because of the way this report is developed, it is not limited to report only on AIM completion and last access details. Depending on the requirements this report can accommodate any customised group reporting using iLearn data.

Need more help?

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