Join this zoom presentation for a recap of the features of iLearn Insights plus a demonstration of all the new functionality available from S1, 2021.

iLearn Insights allows teaching staff to easily visualise student activity in iLearn units and also has an email tool to send personalised messages to students. It allows teaching staff to provide timely intervention to students who may be struggling with their studies as well as the opportunity provide extra motivation to students who are doing well.

5 new features available from S1, 2021:

  • Schedule emails to send automatically for the whole session
  • Search unit resources
  • Analyse quiz questions
  • Monitor exams
  • Find out if students are viewing Echo360 videos.

Presentation recording

Feel free to join all or part of the presentation depending on your availability and topic interest

This PechaKucha Zoom presentation will cover the basics for those new to using iLearn Insights PLUS how to use the new functions just added for S1, 2021.

The table below indicates the topics that will be covered, the sequence and time allocated for each topic. Each presentation will be a maximum of 5 minutes. You can join in the Zoom session at any of the specified times according to which topics you are interested in, or stay for the entire presentation. There is an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

Zoom link:

Date: Wednesday 10th February 2021

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Zoom presentation schedule:

12:00PM – 12:05PM 5 minutes Overall iLearn insights All staff – especially new to iLearn insights
12:05PM – 12:10PM 5 minutes Different ways to send personalised email in iLearn insights All staff – especially new to iLearn insights
12:10PM – 12:13PM 3 minutes Forum visualisation All unit convenors expecting heightened forum engagement
12:13PM – 12:18PM 5 minutes Student ‘Unit engagement’ and ‘Participants not submitting activities’ visualisation All iLearn unit convenors who want to fine tune ‘Unit engagement’ and ‘Participants not submitting activities’ visualisation.
12:18PM – 12:23PM 5 minutes *Schedule email All iLearn unit convenors who frequently send personalised emails
12:23PM – 12:26PM 3 minutes *Unit search All staff who need to search unit content for a particular resource
12:26PM – 12:28PM 2 minutes *Quiz question analysis All unit convenors who want to view the percentage of correct/incorrect answers on quiz questions.
12:28PM – 12:33PM 5 minutes *Live exam monitoring system All unit convenors who need to monitor the final exam
12:33PM – 12:35PM 2 minutes * Echo360 video view All unit convenors who want to know if students are viewing Echo 360 videos
12:35PM – 12:40PM 5 minutes Students who have not accessed a resource or have not completed an activity All staff – especially new to iLearn insights
12:40PM – 12:45PM 5 minutes Reserve time for any delay
12:45PM – 01:00PM 15 minutes Q&A All staff: opportunity to ask any questions about iLearn Insights

* New functionality for S1, 2021

Guides to using the iLearn Insights features are available in the Technologies and Tools section of the TEACH website.