A repository for Australian university learning and teaching research

If you’ve not yet come across Universities Australia’s Learning and Teaching Repository , here’s an invitation to delve in.

This Australian-based intitiative provides access to different case-studies, reports, and written resources from Australian university research on a range of higher education topics.  

With over 1000 outputs from learning and teaching projects across the sector, the Repository is an extremely useful resource, especially for those looking for Australian examples of higher education learning and teaching scholarship, research and practice.  

Examples of Macquarie University learning and teaching research that can be accessed through the Repository:

Aligning business education with industry expectations on employability and sustainability : final report.

Classroom of many cultures : co-creating support curriculum with international community partners and students : final report.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Good Practice : Case Studies.

Quality learning and teaching with sessional staff : systematising national standards : final report.

If you have any learning and teaching research outputs, reports and resources, you can submit them to the Repository – more information available here