Find your PLaCE Persona – and your professional development pathway

Finding professional development and resources relevant for your learning and teaching role has never been easier.

Simply ‘click’ and ‘collect’!

  • CLICK on the PLaCE Persona that best describes you.
  • See the curated ‘COLLECTion’ of resources.

A new interactive tool from the Learning and Teaching Staff Development Team is now available to support your professional development in learning and teaching.

A series of ‘Personas’ have been created to represent different academic and learning support roles at Macquarie allowing you to identify and locate professional development tailored for you.

The Personas are designed to demonstrate how different academic and learning and teaching roles can interact with the Professional Learning and Capability Enhancement (PLaCE) Framework to inform professional development needs. Each Persona is aligned with some capabilities from the PLaCE framework.

The PLaCE framework aims to connect, align and inform professional development for all teaching and teaching support staff.

Click on the image to the right to read the PLaCE Framework.

How to use the PLaCE Persona tool

Choose the Persona that best describes you and click on the image. You will then see a couple of developmental capabilities from the PLaCE framework that are relevant to the selected role. There are suggestions for targeted professional development resources, programs and/or communities of practice to support you in achieving those capabilities. More resources and programs will be added over time.

Note you may find that your specific role crosses over with more than just one of the personas, in which case we invite you to look at both Personas to see the suggestions for development and capability enhancement.

Try it out here

We hope you have you have a bit of fun exploring the different personas and the professional development opportunities on offer.

Open Persona activity in new tab (recommended).

If you don’t recognise yourself in any of these Personas, please let us know. Contact

These personas are fun (and you may recognise people you know) but, more importantly, they offer a way of interacting with the Professional Learning and Capability Enhancement (PLaCE) framework. To create these personas, the Learning and Teaching Staff Development team looked at the profile of the Macquarie workforce and the university sector more broadly, spoke to colleagues across the University, and explored the scholarly literature on learning and teaching development. The professional development resources and programs on offer continue to grow. If you have suggestions for what can support you and your colleagues, please let us know at

Agnes Bosanquet. Director, Learning and Teaching Staff Development